Reaction Paper On Pearl Harbor

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If people were under attack, what would they do? Run and scream, shield themselves, accept fate? This was some of the things people did on the attack of Pearl Harbor, or as Erik Anderson calls it ‘The Gibraltar of the Pacific’ (Pearl Harbor Facts). This was a day America would not soon forget. This time in history was early morning, December 7, 1941, or now known as D-Day. This was the start of World War II and this event was pure chaos. Pearl Harbor was on the southern coast of Oahu, 20 miles away from the coast. Michelle White also puts in to this exotic coast, “Although many people know that Pearl Harbor is what catapulted the United States into World War II, it is also the place where the peace treaty between Japan and the United States was signed” (Pearl Harbor Facts and Information). The place is home to a Navy storage of ships and planes. Many historical sites today lay there such as the USS Arizona and USS Nevada (Pearl Harbor Facts and Information). This was a big target for the Japanese because they knew all that laid there was important military transportation (Pearl Harbor Facts and Information). “The seeds of the attack were planted in 1931 when Japan invaded the Chinese province of Manchuria” (R. Anacan “Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?’). If Japan did not come to the terms that they were to leave Manchuria, the oil rich country, the United States told them that war would be inevitable (Shapiro 39). In response to the invasion of Manchuria, the

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