Reaction Paper On Relativism

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Truth is seen throughout many points in history as guilty or innocent. Good or evil. This or that. Truth is an idea. However, the idea is what has control over truth. From my perspective, it is absurd to think that an idea only has two options: being true or being untrue. What many philosophers seem to fail to consider is the “in between.” The shades of grey in between black and white. The topic of truth being existent or simply a matter of opinion introduces other terms and ideas, such as wisdom, knowledge, and belief. There are many philosophical ideas out there. Each one could be considered true under certain conditions for certain measures. The opposite of truth is false, so although some may not agree with the past philosophical ideas, …show more content…

Cultural relativism is the belief that morality is culturally defined, therefore it is impossible to judge another culture by our own culture’s standards. Yet, it is difficult to clear a mind of judgement as well. As a result, cultural relativism is the view that one culture cannot prevail another culture because all cultures are equal, considering their cultural environment. Say you are raised to believe cats are pets, yet in other places such as Korea, a cat can be seen as food. One who believes in cultural relativism will not judge eating cats as wrong because there is no “right” or “wrong”. Instead, they believe that each culture must be seen with neutrality. The second form of relativism is individual relativism. Individual relativism is more specific, when discussing how right and wrong are relative to the unique experiences and preferences of the individual. Basically, individual relativism states that what one believes is true, and even if another disagrees, it does not mean that their belief is wrong. An example of this would be if someone strongly believed sweet potatoes are delicious, yet another person thinks that sweet potatoes don’t taste good what so ever. Neither can be told they are

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