Reaction Paper On Suicide

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Suicide and what it is
Did you know that according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention there are 44,193 Americans who commit suicide each year? Did you also know that the costs from those deaths is 51 billion dollars (AFSP, 2017)? These statistics may seem horrific or surprising to one, but it is the truth. Many die each year to suicide and the facts and outcomes have carved into many families around the world.
Suicide has been the cause of pain and suffering for an extensive amount of time. The first that is asked is “what is suicide?” Suicide is the act of one taking their own life. This form of death can be enacted in many different ways, but nevertheless, holds the same effect. The main contributors to death by suicide is depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. The victim may be exerted to the edge either by people or the forces around them. These forces are the pressures or hardships in which these people may have gone through. Another reason people may choose to end their life is the result of what they have gone through as a young child growing up. The pain and suffering may enumerate over the years and then there seems to be a breaking point. There is no certain cause for suicide, it depends on the person and their experiences.
Suicide may look as if there are no symptoms however, there are often signs leading up to the event. Signs of suicide may range from how they talk to how they act. One major sign someone is at the breaking point is their

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