Reaction on Boys Don't Cry

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The film opens with Brandon Teena (Hilary Swank) driving in the night. He is going with his cousin, Lonny (Matt McGrath), an older boy who is gay, to a skating rink. Lonny warns Brandon against behaving dangerously. Brandon ignores him and enters the rink, which seems magical to him. There Brandon meets with a girl. Later, we see them kissing outside her home, and Brandon chivalrously tells her he won't leave until he knows she is safely inside. But later, Brandon is chased by a group of young men, one of whom is related to the girl, and all of whom are yelling homosexual-related insults and threats. Brandon seeks protection in Lonny's trailer, and if the audience doesn't know it already, the conversation reveals that Brandon is
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They find a newspaper that talks about the arrest of Teena Brandon, and show it to Lana's mother.

Meanwhile, Brandon has written Lana to tell her that he's in jail. She asks why Brandon is in the female section, and he lies: he tells her he was born a hermaphrodite, but will soon receive a sex change operation to correct his condition. Lana declares her love for Brandon, "no matter what she is" and the two leave the jail joyously, and then have sex in her car.

Nissen and Lotter are extremely angered by the discovery that Brandon is really a girl -- in their opinion, she is a lesbian. They are on a rampage looking for Brandon, whom they find at Lana's mother's house, together with Lana. They force Brandon to strip off his pants, to reveal to Lana his "true" identity. Lana only looks when forced to. Later, Nissen and Lotter pursue Brandon and violently rape him in Nissen's car. They return with Brandon to Nissen's house. Although injured, Brandon escapes from Nissen's bathroom by climbing out the window. Lana convinces him to file a police report, though Brandon had been warned by Nissen and Lotter to remain silent. Brandon, in distress files a report.

Later, in a drunken rage, Nissen and Lotter set out to kill Brandon. They find Brandon hiding in a farm house with Candace and her baby. Brandon and Candace are fatally shot, while Lana is screaming desperately. Lana falls

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