Reading Analysis : Where Have All The Criminals Gone?

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Mneef Alajmi
Reading Analysis of “Where Have All the Criminals Gone?”
Executive Summary
The article on “Where have all the criminals gone?” begins by giving a new incite to the effects of legalized abortion; which is its relation to the decreasing crime. Abortion which in general term is called as ‘miscarriage’ was not legalized years back. It was taken as a sin back then. Many of us still would make comments that abortion is a crime and equals to killing a human itself. Our norms tell us that a life to be born should never be put to an end as everyone is god’s creation and deserves to live a life. Due to this thought many women have given birth to babies as abortion is strictly prohibited. These babies have often been termed as the unwanted child and are hated most of the time by their family including mother herself. This hatred and tag as an unwanted child makes a bad impact on them. These types of children thus become rough, rude, and carefree and often commit a crime as a part of their revenge with the society. As a normal people, we might never think that this can be the reason for the increasing crime in the society. However on critical analysis as done by the writers of “Where have all the criminals gone?” the association seems to hold the truth. Giving birth to an unwanted child has a direct link to the increasing crime. Similarly, with abortion, unwanted children are not born due to which children are not taken as a burden. They are loved, cared and raised well

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