Reading And Reading : My Experience Of Reading

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My first experience with reading is when my mom taught me, I was about 4 and I read Junie B Jones. It was very hard for me to remember what letters made what sounds at first, but after that I was reading at a fluent pace (For a 4 year old). About a year later I was in kindergarten and they were teaching us how to read, I felt like God because I was better than everyone else because I already knew how until this one kid told me he knew how to. Then it became a competition to see who could read the fastest. I lost. Fast forward to about 4th grade, we had a very strict teacher who believed in older ways of teaching. That included yelling and being mean. Evidently she’s still one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She would make us read a book every 2 weeks and write a book report on it. A lot of kids didn’t do better in English because of this style of teaching, but I think it helped me become a much better reader. I always remember getting upset because a kid couldn’t fluently read a book out loud to the class. I always thought I could do it better than everyone else, but it turns out I was just a really snobby impatient 10 year old. In 5th grade I read the first book I was genuinely interested in, it was called the maze runner. After that I realized books can be a lot more than walls of text. I mean they’re still mostly walls of text, though because the only 2 books I really liked were the hunger games and maze runner, and trust me. Throughout 6th grade I LOOKED for good
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