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: When I was in preschool which was when I was about 4 or 5 years old, I saw all of the teachers reading and I wanted to learn for myself how to read. I went home and I asked my mom "Can you help me learn how to read please." So my mom and I began the slow and steady practice of reading. I was persistent to learning how to read at a young age because I felt like it was something no other kid my age would want to do at that age. I started with simple books for about 8 months

I felt like learning to read at a young age helped my brain into wanting to learn more about things. For instance, if I read a simple book about an animal, I would want to keep learning about that animal. If I read a book about snakes, I would want to keep learning more about snakes. I read a book about learning how to ride a bike, and it intrigued me to learn myself
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The smell wasn't much but when I got new books I like the smell of the paper. When I was 8 I started reading magazines and newspapers like "PEOPLE Magazine" and "Tiger Beat" or other magazines that teenagers read. It was something new because I was learning about things I wouldn't usually learn about in a normal book. I enjoyed reading newspapers because I'm kind of nosy and sometimes there"s arrest reports in them, or marriage license reports. I also liked to read the obituary's with my mom.

I started reading road signs when I went on road trips. My mom would tell me what exit number sign to look for, it taught me that reading has multiple purposes. For me I feel like reading has an unlimited amount of purposes. One purpose to me would be being able to read exit signs because if you didn't know how to read you wouldn't know what exit to take and you wouldn't know where to go. Also being able to read could help you because for cooking you have to sometimes read recipes and building things you have to read the instructions
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