Reading Is A Basic Skill

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Reading is a basic skill that teachers emphasize early on in a student’s education. Some students are gifted at reading, often times choosing to dive into a good book rather than spend the afternoon playing with their friends on the playground, while other students may tend to struggle with the ability to stay focused, enjoy, and comprehend what they are reading. I was headed down the latter path, not knowing if I would ever be able to enjoy reading a good book. I was certain that this mindset would remain within me for the rest of my life; books did not like me, and I did not like them. Little did I know that stepping off of the school bus and into a new classroom on the first day of 4th grade would change this outlook, and I owe it all to a very special teacher whom I still admire to this day. Her name was Mrs. Cotton, a thin, older lady who could brighten the day anytime she walked into the room. Her smile was like the sun peaking through a wall of gray clouds: warm and refreshing. She worked at the Pine Meadow Elementary School in Sartell, MN, occupying the corner classroom of the building. She always joked that it was the coldest room in the building, but for her students it was a warm environment filled with joy, care, and learning. She loved to have different decorations to brighten the classroom and make all of her 4th grade students’ eyes shine with enthusiasm. Her main goal was to help students grow and succeed. I first met Mrs. Cotton when I started the 4th
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