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CTL1037 Reading Response Week 5 Post to C2C

Remtulla - Week 5 – Lai (2010); Nguyen (2006).

This weeks reading centered on the theme of professional development in the global context. The first core reading by Phuong-Mai Nguygen, discuss the well-known implementation of culturally appropriate pedagogy in the case of Confucian Heritage Cultural (CHC) context. In doing so, the authors stress their concern in incorporating Western educational methodology in non-western nations by outlying the various consequences of the situation. The second article by Manhong Lai discusses the 2003 curriculum reform of education in Mainland China to improve the quality of senior secondary education. Similarly, Lai discusses how Mainland China decided to initiate reform for the purpose of moving from a teacher-centered to a student-centered approach in teaching, a concept embraced by Western educational systems. However, throughout this article Lai outlines the ways in which teachers coped with the challenges of the reform and how their work was affected by it.

Article 1: Nguyen, P-M. Terlouw, C., Pilot, A. (2006). Culturally appropriate pedagogy: The case of group learning in a Confucian Heritage Culture context

This article addresses the call for implementing educational approaches that take into account the societal/cultural diversity of our time. In other words, it addresses educators concerned about making education more sensitive to global development, globalization, and

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