Real Writing : A Short Story

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Before real writing was created, stories were passed by word of mouth. When writing was invented, then only a handful of people could write, and they never really used it to create stories. However, nowadays, almost anyone can write, so why not use that for a brilliant story stemming from your own imagination? Writing can become a wonderful pastime, or maybe just something that can help boost your English grade. It may seem complicated at first, however, writing stories are soon so simple that this formula becomes a habit - a habit that you'll probably find enjoyable. The first thing before any story can begin is to have a story, but even before that, one must understand that they have to make it their own. Now, this can be difficult for anyone. The story could be real-life and basically impossible to make original, or the author themselves will accidently (or purposely) copy from other authors. The second is a major problem, because no one will want to read a story that they have already read by another author. You have to be entirely original, by try to be as much as you can. To begin your story, you must have an idea of a story. If this is a real story that you are writing, then you already have your plot, but make sure you research it adequately for your book. But for a fictional story… this is more difficult. You can start by deciding a genre, the category the story would fall under. Such genres include fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, mystery, etc. This can

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