Realism and Liberalism in Literature

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During the history, many philosophers, thinkers, politicians, and scholars have tried to explain what the reasons behind those issues and what the possible results of them are. These efforts to explanation has led to creation of a social science: international relations. “International relations, seeks to go beyond ephemeral and common-sense: to reflect more deeply on events, structures, processes and actors, and to offer explanations, interpretations and normative analyses” (Devetak and Burke et al., 2012, p. 35). It can be concluded from this quotation that international relations’ main aim is to explain phenomena deeply. By doing explanation, international relations use some theories which were created and developed by thinkers with the help of historical process. Realism, liberalism, Marxism, constructivism, and idealism are the main theories of international relations but among these 5 mainstream theories, two of them have more validity and effectiveness: Realism and liberalism. These two theories of international relations have a very high reputation and efficiency to explain and understand of the historical process. Realism and liberalism may seem totally different from each other but at some certain points they nearly have the same ideas and features. This essay will explain what the main similarities and…
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