Realist Realism In The Movie : Grizzly Man

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The film Grizzly Man is documentary about a person named Timothy Treadwell. His admiration and love for the bears portrayed some of the wonderful characteristics about Timothy Treadwell. He was driven by his ambiguous thoughts and unfortunately lossed his life by doing so. By using the realist aesthetics of Grizzly Man, we can explore the meaning of this by showing different examples shown throughout the film. We can immediately acknowledge the fact that the film is non-fiction. As shown in the film, the mise-en-scene of the footage is entirely real. For example, we are shown with real life bears, grass, trees, and many other humans displayed in the film. The nature in the background is real allowing for it to relate to the audience. …show more content…

The present footage used many interviews of the acquaintances and family of Timothy Treadwell. As the narrator spoke to the people in the film we are shown that the people in the filmed instantly responded to the narrator depicting that they were being interviewed by the narrator named Werner Herzog. This also adds how the people that were getting interviewed gave a direct message to the camera. This further more shows how the film utilizes direct address to the camera to describe the aesthetics of realism. The sound used in the film is comprised of a mixture of diegetic and nondiegetic music. The music was also composed entirely of instrumental sounds.The sound is dependent on the time of the footage of the film because it then defines what sound is diegetic or not. This allows for the tone of the film to be changed. The fluctuation of the tone of the sounds depicted somber sounds to show the realism of Timothy’s death, and joyful and uplifting sounds when at times when Timothy is alive and shown in the film. In turn, this changes the meaning of the film by influencing the audience to feel a certain type of way. By the use of a combination of the long take footage of shown in the film, and sound, we can further see a change of the meaning of the film. For example, when Timothy was informing us on the bears, and all while taking a long shot of the film, we can see

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