Reality Shows : Helping Or Hurting Teenage Girls?

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Princess Leia Youmans
English 122
February 25, 2017
Reality Shows: Helping or Hurting Teenage Girls? While teenage pregnancy has been on the rise in America since the 1950’s, researchers have been trying to look for an ideal solution that will help solve the problem by declining teenage birth rates. Perhaps there is a potential solution after all. What could this solution possibly be? Well, it might be as simple as the reality shows “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” on the MTV network. Ever since airing in 2009, the shows “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” have made a positive impact on teenage girls in America by reducing teenage pregnancy, promoting birth control, and influencing teenage girls by teaching them lessons. …show more content…

In the past four years, it has dropped even more dramatically at a rate of about 7.5% per year.” According to an article published by The Takeaway “MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’ May Reduce Teenage Pregnancy,” “Along with her co-author Phillip Levine, Kearney. A professor of economics at The University of Maryland and director of the Hamilton Project, found that the show and its spin-off may have prevented more than 20,000 births to teenage mothers in 2010, reducing the teenage pregnancy rates by nearly six percent.” Another positive impact the reality TV shows have had on teenage girls includes promoting birth control. When it comes to getting the target audience of teenage girls to not get pregnant, the first step that should be taken is informing girls about birth control. In Ellen Rolfe’s article “Watching MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’ leads to lower teen birth rates, study finds,” Rolfes explains, “Teenagers thinking changed in both their thoughts on pregnancy as well as their behavior.” Not only did it get teenage girls to think differently on pregnancy, but it also got them thinking about birth control. “Kearney and Levine studied data from trends on Google as well as Twitter to see if they had any impact on the lowering of teen birth rates. They found that the USA which is where the show had aired showed a higher level of teenagers searching and tweeting about birth control and abortion” (Wilson). If it wasn’t for the show, there would be far less teenage girls

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