The Pros And Cons Of Teen Pregnancy

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The publication of teen pregnancy over the past decade has changed stats, and many opinions on how people feel for the issue. As many people call becoming pregnant at a young age a mistake, a large percentage of people find making the action a public matter promotes young adults to strive to do the same. Do the reality shows such as 16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom help prevent teen pregnancy, or promote it? When the channel MTV started the show of 16 and Pregnant, there were many controversial issues. A combined high school and college sociology course were given a 5 question survey to state their views on the two sided argument. Of the 30 students asked half were males being asked as if they were becoming a father and the other half being females as if they were becoming a mother. The first question asked “Does seeing the publicity teens receive when they are pregnant at a young age tempt you to become a parent?”, and of the males 2 of the 15 equaling 13.3% agreed they would be tempted, and 13 of the 15 said it does not tempt them making 86.7%. Of the females, 100% of them said the publicity does not seek their interest if it means becoming a parent at such a young age. The same group of students was then asked “Would the profit, ratings, and fame make starting a family worth it?” and the answers varied. For males 46.7% think the fame, income, and ratings that they would receive would make having a family young worth it, where 53.3% disagree. For the females 93.3% find the

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