Reality Television Has A Negative Effect On Teenage Girls

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Reality Television is a relatively new phenomenon that has exploded over the last several years. Whether it has to do with an “extreme makeover” or finding the supposed love of your life, reality television has given us the opportunity to become voyeurs in others’ lives. Approximately, 50% of television audiences are watching reality shows (Webster University). Long gone are the days of whole television programs. Today, most reality shows depict women as an object, only defined and valued by their sexuality. What kind of message is this sending to young girls? The purpose of this study is to show that reality television can have a negative effect on teenage girls. This matters because it can lead to the sexualization of young girls. The greater the exposure to reality television, the higher the sexualization of young girls. These findings can be of interest to TV programming executives, who may change their business strategy as a result of our findings. This research differs from the past in that it focuses solely on girls and not the differences that arise between girls and boys in reality television viewing.

Problem of Practice: The sexualization of women in many of today’s reality shows leads to a negative effect on young girls. How girls learn about their value and worth can be greatly impacted by the degrading roles many of these “reality” stars portray. It sets high unrealistic expectations of the way young girls are supposed to act. Women are

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