Essay about Realm of Wonders Union

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Alison avoided Mrs. Foster as the day went on. She even thought about whether she wanted to go to her room after school, but knew if she didn’t, then she would be in further trouble. “Meet you at the cenotaph,” Alison reminded Sarah when the final bell of the day arrived and the eruption of kids tumbled out of classrooms like sweets on a conveyor belt. Sarah smiled wickedly at her friend and nodded her head with enthusiasm. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there,” grinned Sarah. “And no gory details,” Alison threatened whilst laughing. “Look at you, the last time I saw that look, was when Suzanne had that big cream cake for dinner the other day.” Sarah gave her dirty laugh as she disappeared into the throng of students in the corridor, and Alison …show more content…

“And whose idea was it to intrude on another kingdom?” Mrs. Foster asked. There was a pause until Alison spoke. “It was mine,” she replied uncaringly. “All of ours,” Simon butted in. “We’re all to blame.” “I see.” Mrs. Foster looked at them both and shook her head. “Why do something so dangerous? You were lucky to get back,” Mrs. Foster said, her voice changing from annoyance to being concerned. “Why did you do it? Why go to the palace of all places?” Mrs. Foster asked, with a look of remorse showing on her old face. “We wanted to see it before this war started,” Simon admitted. “But I think we were too late. It looked as though it had already been blown up.” “All dark and eerie was it? Daunting, with no human life to be seen and the air was as still as death?” Mrs. Foster asked casually. They both bolted up straight. “Yes!” they replied in unison. “Believe it or not, that was to protect you.” “Protect us?” Simon repeated. “Yes, when minors go through portals unsupervised, warning bells go and the portals are sent into overdrive and they create an empty kingdom. We did try to make them a bit brighter and colourful to make you youngie’s feel at ease. However, we decided that if we made them feel evil and spooky, then you may never enter portals on your own again.” “Well, it worked, I’ll never do it again,” Simon

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