Reasearch Pest Analysis Report

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Validity: Students were putting inside a gymnasium for the putting assessment; the students used a basic putter. In place of a golf ball students used tennis ball, and for the hole students used to cylinders standing up at a distance of 12 inches apart. Students had to putt at a distance of 20ft, and accurately hit the tennis ball between the two cylinders without knocking them down. Some environment factors that affected this assessment was that the students were only putting for accuracy and not distance, students also had a loud environment making it harder to block out unwanted stimulants and focus on the task at hand. The gym floor also played a factor, if the floor had a knock; it made it harder for individuals to pass the assessment.…show more content…
Both genders seemed to struggle with this assessment. Improvements: Based off my research, to improve this assessment, assessors will have to invest in a real simulation of a putting green where the laws of physics are actually the same as the activity the assessment is trying to simulate. Data analysis Report Raw date: are expresses as the sum of three trials: each trial score was the number of times a subject was able to putt acuity through the target with a tennis ball. The target size was two cylinders that were spread out at 12 inches apart, at a distance of 20 feet. Each trail comprised 7 attempts. Data Format: One point scored for every successful put through the two cylinders standing 12 inches apart. Ratio score Are expressed percentages Number of subject: n=20 High Raw score: the high raw score 13 Low raw score: the low raw score 5 Range of raw score: the range of the raw 8 Mean raw score: the mean raw score .42% High raw ratio scores: the high ratio score was 62% Low ratio scores: the low ratio score was 24% Range of ratio scores: the range of ratio score was .38 Mean ratio score: the mean ratio score was
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