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INT1 Task 3

Does freezing popcorn yield more popcorn?

Project Design Plan.

This scientific experiment is to gauge the amount of kernels popped when the storage temperatures of the kernels are changed. Does freezing popcorn kernels for 24 hours yield more or less popped kernels than popcorn kernels stored at room temperature? By performing this experiment we can decide how to maximize our food potential. We will purchase six identical brands of popcorn from the local food store that have the same ingredients, weight and brand name. We will take three of the bags of popcorn kernels and store it in a standard household freezer for twenty four hours. The temperature
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Keep in mind that you must enter the amount of time on your microwave that you chose from your time testing trial. Do not use the popcorn button that is standard on most microwaves. It is important to test the time with one frozen and one shelf stored popcorn package. This will allow us to record the exact time needed to perform our test on the remaining bags of popcorn.

7. Now perform two trials of test with one bag of frozen popcorn kernels and one bag of room temperature popcorn. It is important to record the data off of each trial separately.

8. When finished recording your numbers from the two trail experiments take the average of each trial and compare the final results.

Reasoning of this design.

The brand of popcorn testing has proven to be inconsistent. Each major brand of popcorn claims to have the highest amount of popped kernels. We chose this method of experiment because we can control the variables of the experiment. By controlling the temperature we can determine which method will yield the most amount of popcorn instead of relying on which brand claims to have the most yield of popcorn or studies on brands. This experiment can be used on all brands as long as the brand name stays the same.

Sequence of Events.

Take each bag of popped popcorn and count the individual kernels that did not pop and record the data on the chart. Perform this for each

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