Reasons For Creating The Articles Of Confederation

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Abby King Mid term 1 1. Explain the reason for creating the Articles of Confederation? What events lead up to the Articles? How did Shay’s Rebellion alter the Articles of Confederation? The Articles of Confederation were created as a form of nation government for the United States after they separated from Great Britain (Articles). There were several plans that came before the Articles of Confederations. “The Albany Plan an earlier, pre-independence attempt at joining the colonies into a larger union, had failed in part because the individual colonies were concerned about losing power to another central institution” (Articles). Shay’s Rebellion was critical to the nation because it let them to rethink the government system they had in place. The Articles of Confederation left the government with limited access to taxing, executive, commerce, amendments and domestic order. They were not able to tax, so they had to beg the states to help pay for things like war. They had to get all thirteen states in agreement before they were allowed to do anything. This left the central government weak (Lenz 33). 2. Explain the Federalist and Anti-Federalist view of the Bill of Rights. Be sure to include how the Federalist Papers’ authors influenced the creation of the Constitution. Coming from two different standpoints the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist disagreed with each other. The Federalist warned against adding the Bill of Rights. Their reasoning for the warning was that
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