Reasons For European Slave Trade

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Slave labor has been taking Europe by storm. In Africa, they have been using slave labor and introduced us to it. It makes work easier for us to do and it helps us to make money. Columbus brought back natives who could do slave work for us and we have been using the natives for work ever since. However, no one ever asks the slaves how they feel about being enslaved. We decided to interview a native who is currently enslaved in Europe. They are only doing this because their health is on the decline. Q: “What was your life like before you were a slave?” A: “I lived peacefully in my land. I remember being extremely happy and thankful for my luck in life. I was with my friends and family, we always had a good time, and we always helped each other out whenever we needed.…show more content…
Europe is not like my home and I don’t like it because I don’t have my friends and family. I’m not allowed to do whatever I want, I am forced to work and I know I won’t be helped in return. I haven’t even be able to see what Europe has to offer and because I don’t have that freedom I dislike Europe very much.” Q: “How do you feel about being a slave?” A: “I can’t stand it. I don’t get anything out of it. I am forced to work for people I don’t know and do hard tasks. I am not allowed to go out and venture around Europe. I can’t have the fun I used to have. If I don’t do something right or quickly enough I am punished. They barely give me enough food to survive as well. It’s awful.” Q: “If you could go back to your homeland, what would you do there?” A: “I would love my life once again. I would get there and talk to my friends and family about how I’ve come to realize how great they really are. I would make sure to protect myself and them from kidnapping by Europeans. I would make sure no one was forced to do work without getting something in return. I would make sure that they understood it can happen to any of us.” Q: “Would you like to add anything
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