The Causation Of The Modern Slave Trade

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There are endless reasons that human trafficking exists in modern times. These reasons are not black and white, and have a multitude of contributing factors, cause and effect, and influences. The causation of the modern slave trade is outlined in chapters three, four, and five of the text: Human Trafficking: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, written by Mary C. Burke. Chapter three, titled, “Sociological Perspective: Underlying Causes” relates sociology to the concept of human trafficking to better understand the culture behind the slave trade, including political and economic characteristics. A factor contributing to the existence of human trafficking is globalization and the development of national economies. While globalization can be …show more content…

“Globalization influences human trafficking as traffickers take advantage of new transparent borders, broadband communication, and economic upheaval to prey on those most vulnerable … people are largely defined by their economic worth, and since the most vulnerable have only their bodies to sell (labor … sex) … human beings become commodities and victims” (Burke 2013). Additionally, chapter four defines population and migration as an explanation for human trafficking. As the world’s population increases dramatically, there are many poor and vulnerable individuals who are forced to find a way to survive. “Traffickers are resourceful, inventive, and opportunistic, and can find a way to manipulate … population growth … there is an increase in the supply of potential victims who traffickers can exploit and from whom they can profit” (Burke 2013). Victims are driven into human trafficking because they are unable to sustain themselves living in poverty, or are vulnerable as an immigrant or refugee.
However, poverty is not a black and white cause of human trafficking, as poverty and economics exacerbate other reasons, such as gender inequality. Females around the world do not have the same opportunities that a male might, including adequate healthcare, nutrition, and education. These females are

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