Reasons For Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically Modified Organisms

Maribell Silva

Jerome High School

English 12A

Mr. Horrocks

2016 September 26


This research paper will discuss the many reasons as to why people wish for it to be banned. It’s to be thought that it’s a carcinogenic chemical. Not only that, but it can potentially hurt our environment in numerous ways. Beside all the negatives, it can possibly help our body grow properly. It is to be said that GMO products have certain vitamins that are rarely found in other foods that our body really benefit from. Not only that, but it can help feed us in the future. A hypothesis had been made that we are going to overpopulate and do not have enough food, GMO foods could come to the rescue. Everyone has their own opinion as to whether GMOs are helpful or not, but the real opinion that comes to matters is yours.


Everyone and everything always has a bad side to them. GMOs are proven to be one of the most amazing breakthroughs in science. It will help in many ways such as, feed those in need. Also what was once thought to be impossible - growing crops, or any kind of agriculture, is now happening thanks to GMOs. Not only does it help us now in the present, but even more in the future. For example, over population. Besides all the good that 's been sugar coated, all the chemicals that it contains can possibly harm us or even kill us. We are not the only thing in danger from GMOs. Our…
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