Reasons For Occupational Therapy

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As the client’s main concerns and reasons for occupational therapy is caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction due to proximal humerus fracture, various body function assessments are needed to analyze client’s level of independence and to set goals for therapy sessions.
And the disabilities of the Arm shoulder and hand (DASH) questionnaire would be used to assess client’s current upper extremities (UEs) functional difficulty using injured arm. The assessment would guide therapist to have a comprehensive understanding of client’s disability using UE in order to perform active daily living (ADLs), IADLs, and occupations.
Range of Motion (ROM) test shall be utilized each time at the therapy to measure client’s active ROM to perform a preferred …show more content…

Such as Berg Balance Scale, Functional Reach Test or Get Up & go would be helpful. Above tests aids, to assess static and dynamic balance abilities using functional tasks commonly performed in everyday life. in elderly population.

Not only body function but also client’s psychological function should be assessed; depression, pain, memory and cognitive function.
Using the Geriatric Depression Scale will allow the therapist to identify depression in the client. From being independent to limited in occupation can result in depression in injured individual. Furthermore, being the absence of psychological happiness can hinder optimal happiness of individuals and the effectiveness of therapy sessions, therefore it is necessary to assess depression level in post injured population during recovery rehabilitation.
As we were noticed to be forgetful, Riverhead Behavioral Memory Test would be used to identify client’s everyday memory problems, monitors change over time, and assess a wider range of ability.
The standardized Pain assessment, such as Visual Analog Scale (VAS) or Borg Numerical Pin Scale, is an essential for the geriatric client. Understanding pain level is important while working with injured patients because it would suggest a safe level of activity participation without causing further stress to the

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