Reasons For The Schlieffen Plan

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The Schlieffen plan was made started in 1894 by the German Chief of Staff Alfred von Schlieffen in the request of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Von Schlieffen continued making the plan until 1903, then the plan was revised in 1903 later being carried out in 1906, 12 years after he started creating the Schlieffen plan, knowing that he would be attacked from two sides of Germany, Russia attacking from the East and France attacking from the West. Von Schlieffen Created the Schlieffen Plan in 1905 when he was German Chief of Staff. Germany wanted to take out France in the west before Russia could mobilise their troops to attack the east side of Germany, they did this because they were scared that they would be attack from both sides of Germany and be taken off the world map. So they attack France because they felt they were more of a threat as they could mobilise their troops quickly, then Germany would transport their troops through railway tracks to the east to attack the Russian soldiers, therefore having conquered France and defended against the …show more content…

In doing this Belgium used many techniques to fight off the germans as well as slowing them down. One of the methods was by opening the water gate and trying to drown the Germans out.The Germans were not expecting any resistance from Belgium, but the Belgian army fought the Germans. Members of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) arrived to help, and the Germans were held up at Mons. The Belgians later prevented the Germans from taking the French channel ports by flooding much of their land. UK got involved because Belgium and Britain had a strong alliance dating back to August 3, 1839 when Britain and Belgium signed a treaty of war. If there was no treaty between the two countries Britain wouldn't have gone into the war for most likely a couple more week, or not at

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