Explain Why Stalemate Developed on the Western Front

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Explain why stalemate developed on the Western front

By December 1914 stalemate developed on the Western front because of 3 main reasons, new weapons, lack of plans and the circumstances of the battle of Marne, race to the seas and the 1st battle of Ypres!

The Schlieffen plan had failed by November 1914. It didn’t entirely go to plan.. What the Germans presumed wasn’t right. Firstly they presumed that it would only take 6 weeks to get through Belgium and that it wouldn’t take long at all, but in the end it took than expected. The Belgians resisted a lot and put up a strong fight. German troops got held up in Belgium and never got round to invading Paris. In addition to this, Russia mobilised quicker than presumed! So …show more content…

All these new weapons made defence much easier than attack which is why stalemate was on the increase because people were defending rather than attacking! After the Schlieffen plan failure there was a turning point in the war, showing that stalemate was to come. 3 main battles took place which caused stalemate to happen.
The German force was weakened because of Russia’s army. Other countries were struggling to bring supplies to

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