Reasons Of Colonizations In The Era Of Exploration And Colonization

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In the era of exploration and colonization, the three dominant European powers were France, England, and Spain. They each had separate goals in colonizing North and South America, with different economic, political, and social motives behind their colonization. Economically, the three powers had vastly different reasons for colonizing North America. Spain sought precious metals, namely silver and gold, as a method to expand their treasury. Further colonization also allowed them to benefit off the encomienda system, where they got tribute from the native americans, along with enslaving them as a workforce. France colonized North America to gather luxury resources that had either been depleted in France, or were in low supply. They gathered and traded for furs, and lumber, along with using the land as more space to farm food. The French then returned these goods back to Europe, where they sold for high prices, bringing much wealth to France. England, before it colonized, was facing massive poverty. England felt that the people needed more lands for farming, along with New World riches. Using the joint-stock company, they allowed for people to invest into colonies, which allowed people to get rich off of successful colonies. Tobacco growth allowed for the English to sell it for large sums of money, and the extra farming land helped bring English people out of poverty. Politically, France and Spain had somewhat similar goals in the New World. Both wished to convert the native

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