Reasons The Colonists Declared Their Independence From Britain

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What were the reasons the colonists declared their independence from britain? On July 4 1776 in Philadelphia the continental congress and the founding fathers sing the final draft of the Declaration of Independence separating them from britain. The colonist were sick of Great britain’s king using unfair power on them. What were the reason the colonist declared their independence from britain? The colonist wanted independence because they wanted liberty, freedom of choice, and peace. The first reason colonies claimed their independence from britain was the king was taxing without the consent of the people. This happen because the sugar act, stamp act, tea act, and the french and indian war had a lot of debt and lost items with very high prices.The british did not take the complains of the colonist so the people rejected all the taxes from each of the events. According to “‘No taxation without representation!’”(Hart,67). This explains the anger in the colonist on how britain was taxing for the lost items without their consent. The next reason colonists claimed their independence from britain was peace. This happen because the colonists were paying soldiers to protect but they were doing nothing. This was an idea that was by the king. The colonist did not agree and protested. According to Declaration of independence “For quartering large bodies of armed troops among us”(t.Jefferson,44). This describes the red coats did nothing and shot at people that hated them. The

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