Reasons To Acceptin Stereotypes

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Would you rather taste chocolate that tasted like shit or taste shit that tasted like chocolate?
You all are aware with an emotive that looks like a poop and almost 99 percent people were sure about it that it's a poop, where actually it isn’t. Have you ever wondered that we all assume that poop is a nasty thing and consider it disgusting but how can you evaluate it even without tasting it? Have you ever tasted a poop or crap? NO? But still, you're sure that it doesn't taste well. What if had a choice that would you rather taste chocolate that tasted like shit or taste shit that tasted like chocolate?
Why don't you prefer eating shit that tasted like chocolate?
Ok, so one possibility is what I just mentioned that if you never tasted shit so why majority reject or avoid this possibility. Poop might taste good who knows until you taste it. What does a human think about like? What do they think when …show more content…

Conformity is actually when you accept the condition just because the majority is accepting it to avoid insult or disgrace. It is believed that shit doesn't taste good but the chocolate that tastes like shit does. We are habitual of accepting the facts even without going beyond and looking for a reason why people have developed such belief. The majority is saying tastes bad means we should also go with the same belief but we are far from the idea that sometimes standing alone makes you a hero. Why don't you research why people develop this belief and what are the logical reasons behind it? What type of contaminants and components are present in shit that makes it nasty.
This would you rather, compels you to understand that if you rejecting any possibility then give a logical reason that why you are rejecting this possibility instead of saying that it is believed or just because I'm following the

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