Reasons Why Common Core Is Bad For Education

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In the article, “9 Reasons Why Common Core is Bad for Education” James Bascom addresses the problems with Common Core and standardized testing in the education system. James Bascom published his article on January 20, 2016 on the TFP Student Action website. Throughout the article, Bascom talks about the negative effect the change in the education system has on students and their parents. He addresses the way that Common Core bunches children together holding some back while challenging others too much. Teachers are often too set on teaching exactly what the core has lined out that they rarely stray from the plan. He outlines how the core has held students back from learning more and expanding upon their education. James Bascom, the author …show more content…

He has facts to back up his points about the impact common core has on students and teachers. He reaches the audience through facts and emotions. The timing of Bascom’s article is great. Common Core has been very controversial since it was introduced in 2009, and Bascom is bringing to light the horrors of the change the government decided to make in the education system. Bascom brings medium into his article through the aggressive tone he brings into his article. The way Common Core was thrown into schools suddenly and was aggressive in changing the means of education goes hand in hand with how Bascom addresses Common Core. Through the article, he really shows how Common Core is negatively impacting our future generations. Throughout the article, Bascom uses ethos to draw in his audience. He shares a common ground with a lot of people when he talks about how Common Core is destroying the future generations. He states that the Common Core standards “do not contain any wholesome moral or life lessons.” Students should be able to learn educational and moral lessons in school. Teachers need to consider what students will get out of class rather than what score will show up on their tests. Through the article, Bascom connects with parents on a personal level when he exaggerates how Common Core “violates the sacred right of parents to have a say in their children’s education.” Everyday parents send off their children trusting that teachers will

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