Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Laid

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You’re Not Getting Laid Because of These 10 Reasons
Sex is not only fun, it also offers multitudes of health benefits. But, sometimes getting laid is not as easy as you see it on television and movies. Here are 10 possible reasons why you’re not getting laid:
1. Your confidence is low
When you don’t believe deep down that women you find attractive would have sex with you, chances are they really wouldn’t. Finding your qualities to be unattractive and not striking in order to get a girl interested hints your confidence is lacking. Having a fragile ego, always worried about getting turned down is not helping your sex life or life in general in any way. Remember that a belief in oneself changes everything, even on how a member of the opposite sex sees a man.
2. You have poor hygiene …show more content…

It’s as simple as getting a haircut, doing something about your acne, getting your teeth whitened, or even wearing cologne. It’s actually astonishing how there are still a lot of guys out there who barely shower and generally don’t care about their appearance. While being low-maintenance is also kind of cool, it becomes a different story when personal hygiene is the casualty. You have to make sure you don’t stink when you’re with a woman, or you’re not getting any action in the bedroom.
3. You disregard your fitness
If you don’t spend time on fitness, even as brief as 30 minutes of exercise each day, it will show. Either you look unhealthy or just generally unappealing. Generally, exercising improves your mood, which can also boost on how you perceive your qualities. Plus, having a bit of muscle gives you that glimpse of manhood that every woman finds attractive.
4. You have no idea what women

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