Reasons for Colonial Migration were Gold Glory, and God

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Migration from one place to another place has many causes and many effects. The main reasons for migration are gold, glory, and god. Gold, because people wanted to make money. Glory was in order to get positions in government in the new place. God was to escape religious persecution. Another area of migration was also slaves to go work the land. Many groups migrated to the New World from many different places, for many different reasons, and had many effects on the New World. Two groups of migration are the Pilgrims, and the Quakers. Both groups came to the New World mainly for god, although they were probably motivated by other things.
The Pilgrims came to the New World because they wanted to worship freely, something they could not do in England. In England, there was no religious tolerance. Religious tolerance is a country’s willingness to understand a religion that is not their own. They felt that the Anglican Church could not be purified, or made better, so they decided to look for another place to practice their religion. They also migrated because they were having economic difficulties. So, in 1620, a group of Pilgrims got on a boat called The Mayflower, sponsored by the Joint Stock Company, a company that sponsored voyages to America in exchange for 4/5 of the gold supposedly found in the colonies, and set sail to the New World.
On the ship, the Pilgrims decided to make a pact to create unity, pledge loyalty to the king, establish just and equal law and set

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