Reasons for World War I

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World War 1 Essay rewrite There has been many wars since the dawn of man however very few of these wars are as horrific and bloodcurdling as the war in which we call World War 1. The event that started this war was the assassination of Franz-Ferdinand, who was killed by a group called the Black Hand, who was supported by Serbia. This caused countries to take sides and alliance’s to form. Before this war people saw honor in fighting, however the soldiers who returned had a different story to tell. The three core things that played a major part in this war would have to be militarism and the countries that were forced to choose sides and form alliances, imperialism.

Militarism played a significant part of the war especially in the German empire as well as a few other countries. For example the German empire taught there kids combat strategies and officer training from the time when they could read and write. The year before the year of the war began the German empire and France nearly doubled their armies in size knowing that tensions were growing high and war was soon to follow. Germany’s advanced in industrialization made them a really tough opponent, especially for the less developed countries such as Russia. The German empire also had the most railroads in their country enabling them to easily transport weapons, materials, and people across their country with ease. During the war the German empire, probably had the toughest fight, having to take on Russia, France,

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