Reasons of Bsca-1201 in Taking Up the Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration Course

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Education is important in shaping the individual’s future. What a person invested during his studies could very well determine what will become of him in the real world. Park (1990) cited that with regards to career choices, student’s desire careers that will bring fame, good pay, enable them to lives comfortable lives and earn the respect of others. Interests greatly contribute to the success of an individual. With interests in what one is doing a feeling of fulfillment in the work is achievable. It would give the individual goal in life and makes it clear in the earliest possible time, the career that one wants to pursue. The problem is that students do not have a vision for themselves; A specific and clearly…show more content…
They will also have a higher perspective on the course. To the students taking up the course BS Customs Administration, they will realize that it is hard to pursue something if you’re heart isn’t there. But for the students who have great interest in this course, it can make them to be more determined to finished it and be licensed one. Even though they can’t change the bad image of the bureau, they will not belong themselves to the people who chose to make their lives comfortable in bad ways. To the course itself, this study will promote the BS Customs Ad course. There will be more students who will be interested to learn more about the course—the scope and the upcoming opportunities. To the parents, this study could give them an idea and background about what “customs administration” is all about. This also gives advice to parents not to force their son/daughter to take up this course instead support them in what they want to be. To the society, this study will prove that with your great interest in your course, you can have that determination to finish it and could help to raise the economic condition of our country since this course deals with importation and exportation processes. To the present researchers, this study would make them aware of their attitudes in better learning through examining and knowing what their capabilities and weaknesses. This would help them appreciate the efforts done by their

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