Reconstruction After the Civil War Essay

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Reconstruction was the foremost goal for many after the civil war. Yet, various individuals and political parties held a plethora of contrasting beliefs concerning how to face this reconstruction task. In terms of the Reconstruction, two ideas permeated the political field: who would have the authority to enact these changes and in what ways would national unity be accomplished. It is obvious that throughout this time the power held within the federal government would be challenged by southern state governments. The struggles reflected the inability of reaching a concurrent decision. During Johnson’s presidency Republicans did not agree with the meager actions in regards to ex-rebels. Republicans did not agree with how the government …show more content…

With the 15th amendment prohibiting racial discrimination in voting rights in all states, Republicans were able to settle issues of war in regards to both democratic power and black rights. As Republicans continued with their goals of reconstruction they focused on federal aid for education, civil rights, and economic development. Yet Democrats in the south upheld their own opinions and causes. Democrats used the issues of increased government spending and increased taxes as a way to fuel the fire of unease within the still struggling south. A shift between federal and state regulation occurred with the Slaughterhouse cases. The 14th amendment would only protect rights linked to the federal government such as voting yet other issues would be decided by the state. State responsibilities became the focus during this shift. Democrats saw this as an advantage to use state politics as a way to manipulate the system. When President Hayes left Southern states with subsidies for internal improvements and leaving Republicans essentially on their own., the Democrats were able to end the Republican based reconstruction effort. Today in our government, Democrats actually favor an increase in government control and influence. They prefer a system in which a government influences large scale issues affecting all citizens. Republicans in modern times favor small governments displayed through state politics. Resources should be monitored by the state with minimum government

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