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On 02-14-2017, at approximately 0758 hours, at the request of Detective C. Parsons,# 226877, I responded to to 2020 Brandon Crossing Circle, Apartment # 104, in an attempt to make contact with Maribel Hernandez-Rojano, DOB: 06-30-1991. Upon my arrival to the apartment, I met with Deputy J. Ripke # 200139, who also responded, to conduct the interview in Spanish. Deputy Ripke will supplement to this report with the interview.

On 02/15/2017, at approximately 0657 hours, Detective Pecora and I responded to the Brandon Crossing Apartments, looking for a white Ford work van. As we drove into the apartment complex, we located two white Ford work vans entering the complex directly in front of us. One Ford van had a Florida tag of GYQ Q58, which …show more content…

Prior to our arrival, Francisco De Oliveira Dias had contacted his other work crew and had them drive the white Ford van to the Wellington Manor Boulevard address. Upon arrival of the van, I took photographs of the exterior of the van as well as the VIN sticker on the driver side door jamb. I also verified the Florida tag of GYQQ58 with its VIN #: 1FTNE1EWXBDB06073. Francisco De Oliveira Dias was allowed to remove his work material and tools from the Ford van. The van was then transported to 2416 N. Falkenburg Road, Tampa, Florida, 33619 by Stepp's Towing. Deputy M. Gilbertson # 90439 followed Stepp’s Towing to the HCSO Crime Scene Section while transporting Jose Herrera to the HCSO Criminal Investigations Division interview room at 2224 N. Falkenburg Road, Tampa, Florida …show more content…

I removed the clothing and separated the black pants and gray jersey type shirt and packaged each separately and submitted them into HCSO Evidence. The remaining articles of clothing were repackaged, with the original packaging inside and resubmitted into HCSO Evidence. I also removed the green backpack from evidence and upon doing so, removed the victim’s personal items from the backpack. The items were given to Detective Parsons, who will return the items to the victim’s parents at a later date. The backpack was also resubmitted into HCSO Evidence.

On 02-21-2017, I responded to the HCSO Evidence Section and checked out the black pant, the gray jersey type shirt and the backpack. I transported the items to the HCSO Crime Scene Section, where I opened them and they were then photographed by Crime Scene Investigator Douglas # 244872. Once the items were photographed, they were repacked and resubmitted into the HCSO Evidence Section.

On 02-22-2017, at the request of Detective Parsons, I responded to the Parks at Siena Apartments at 1918 Plantation Key Circle in Brandon, Florida. I obtained video from their video surveillance camera in an attempt to see if the 2011 white Ford van entered and/or exited the apartment complex. I gathered video for a time frame of 1715 to 2215

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