Recreational Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized

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Why Recreational Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized Marijuana legalization is a serious issue that has been contemplated by many individuals. The controversy has people taking different perspectives on whether or not it should be legalized for recreational use. There are various advantages and disadvantages to this issue, some more serious than others. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. While some states have already legalized marijuana for its medical and recreational purposes, there are many downsides to the use of this drug. Marijuana has an addictive nature, affects one’s health, and is a gateway drug. States should not legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Cannabis is a thirty-five million …show more content…

The smoke of marijuana contains noxious gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetone, and benzene. The chemicals in the drug imprint on the brain like opiates (a drug containing opium or its derivatives). One study has shown that the blood vessels in the brain of a marijuana smoker experience restricted flow. Restricted blood vessel flow causes the functions of the brain to work improperly. Some common impacts on the mentality are temporary hallucinations and temporary paranoia. Users have also experienced difficulty with thinking and impaired memory. Studies have also shown that the use of marijuana has been linked to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts among teenagers and young adults. In a world where intelligence is highly valued it is ironic that many people support a drug that affects one's mentality. More people need to comprehend that marijuana is a hallucinogen, which distorts how the mind perceives the world a person lives in.
Frequent marijuana users are familiar with the short-term effects that inhaling marijuana brings. The effect of a joint or other implement is usually felt within minutes of the initial hit. Effects that are more common include dangerous driving behavior, altered senses, altered sense of time, changes in mood, impaired body movement and the munchies. The heart rate of a marijuana user increases up to three hours after “blazing it” and increases their chance of a heart attack. These might not seem like serious effects, but when an individual is not in their right state of mind, unfortunate situations could

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