Essay on Recursive: A Narrative Fiction

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The last time Asuma saw Konohgakure it was in the late throes of summer when it was half empty, active and even semi retired shinobi off to help with the harvest, some jōnin taking their last bit of freedom before the new genin were assigned. Now it was barely spring and Konoha looked like the sleeping giant it was. It bristled with shinobi of every rank, each one almost visibly armed to the teeth, so much so the walls looked like they were being patrolled by angry porcupines more than anything. As such, it's not much of a surprise when Asuma is stopped a solid thirty feet from the gate, which is sealed shut. “State your name a business,” a chūnin with bandages across his nose demands. He and his partner, another male chūnin, are tense as …show more content…

Not-Bandages gives a nervous chuckle at the answer and disappears without another word, leaving Bandages to peer nervously down at Asuma. It makes the jōnin feel like a ticking time bomb, if bombs had feelings that is. Not-Bandages, whose apparent lack of real humour has earned him the name Chuckles, reappears less than a full minute later with a familliar if very sodden silver-haired jōnin next to him. “A greeting from the Copy Nin himself,” Asuma says once they're within talking range, voice purposefully mild, “I've really gone up in the world it seems.” Kakashi's body shifts in a way that offers the suggestion of a grin beneath his mask, a real one not that stupid eye-thing he's perfected over the years. “There just weren't any other bastards unlucky enough to recall your ugly mug, Asuma,” Kakashi says. From this close, ten feet or so, Asuma can feel the faint prickle of Kakashi's chakra indicates that if Asuma is tired, Kakashi is a few minutes from passing out. He's always had stellar chakra control, if Asuma can feel him from that far he's not in a good place. He seems genuinely pleased to see him though, or as pleased as Kakashi ever is. “Ha fucking ha,” Asuma says, stepping up closer. Chuckles shifts nervously, sagging in relief when Kakashi raises a hand. “Yeah this is him,” he says – and now he does the eye thing. “And I'm sure he'll play nice while he's here.” Or else, is very clear in

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