Recycle: It’s your duty Essay

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Americans, and the world at large, create astonishing amounts of garbage each year. Over twenty-one million plastic bags, and thirty six billion aluminum cans fill our landfills every year .Why can’t people take the time to recycle? It is such an important environmental issue, and yet it seems as though there aren‘t enough people out there who want to make a difference. Most of us know that recycling is graet for the environment, but when we go home, we often leave the work someone else to do in order to make a differnce. Most people just don’t take this issue seriously, unless they have to. When we take a look at recycling and understand the process, it’s really amazing that we can take a used item and return it to it’s original…show more content…
Perhaps the most obvious way it will be able to do this is by keeping waste out of landfills, which can introduce contaminants and other toxins into groundwater systems. Recycling also keeps materials out of incinerators, which can pollute the air and create severe ash residue. Furthermore, recycling lowers environmental damage caused by logging, mining, as well as other methods that facilitate the procreation of raw materials. Most importantly, recycling prevents the emissions of many greenhouse gasses and water pollutants.

It’s effortless to put your empty water bottle in the recycling bin. It’s so very easy to put your candy wrapper wear it belongs—in the same bin. And, it’s painless to put your soda cans in another container. But then, how come we so rarely do it? Ask yourself, why you don’t recycle more often? Well, now that you know the benefits that come from recycling there are no excuses when it comes to keeping your environment clean.


Becausde every single person contributes to waste, I belive that we should demand there be a federal law that forces us to recycle. This residential , commerical, government building. We shold be forced to buy see through trash cans that have three compartment, Our government should make it a taxable deduction when you purchase This law would also go to every singel TheIf you break the law and choose not to, then your
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