Recycling Should Be Used More Help Save The Planet And Other Reasons Essay

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Not a lot of people know what recycling does or how it helps. Nobody thinks after finishing a can of soda, eating a bar of chocolate or drinking a water bottle where the container goes. People just throw them in the bin and that is it, they are taken care off. However, that’s not the truth. These containers end up in our oceans or lands, they are just dumped there with other trash and just dirty the place. Just because they are out of our sight doesn’t mean they are gone. That is why recycling should be utilized more to help save the planet and other reasons. Recycling is a process of recovering, reprocessing, and reusing wasted materials that are usually just thrown away. Materials that are most commonly used for the process are paper, glass, plastic and metals (“Recycling” 1). Recycling is not a new concept, recycling has been around ever since the 1940’s (Cooper 275 - 276). Businesses use it all the time, with the high demand of products they need to make use of what they already have. Examples like car workshops were the spare parts of a damaged car are put in another car that needs the part (Cooper 276-277). Also, during World War II, Americans would collect all sorts of materials and give them to the war effort (Cooper 277). More than a third of materials were recycled during that time. Recycling had its rises and falls. After the war, recycling wasn’t as popular anymore but in the 1960’s after a rise in concern for the environment came about, recycling campaigns were

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