Recycling in Retail

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Retail Management Changes Like any other sector of the market, the industry of recycled merchandise has undergone a range of changes in Australia, just like anywhere else in the world. For example, one of the biggest changes involves the creation and evolution of new technology and network development, such as the concept of eBay and the online flea market arena. For example, eBay in Australia has been around for just 13 years, and has undergone a complete evolution from the time that it first began to the type of things its selling right now at the greatest level of popularity. Ebay began as an online marketplace strictly for collectible toys and hard to find items from Americana or yesteryear: "'The weird and wacky is what eBay's bread and butter was for many years.' Now the biggest-selling categories are similar to what you would find in a shopping centre clothes, homewares, consumer electronics and motors, which is 'a really big category particularly in Australia'. The most expensive item sold on eBay Australia was the last-ever Holden Monaro to come off the car-maker's production line. It was auctioned for $187,600 in February, with all proceeds going to the Leukemia Foundation" (, 2009). Ebay is not the only website for the online shopping of used materials that has become popular. For example, a website like allows people to post pictures and descriptions of their old items so that they can swap or exchange them with other
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