Red Badge Of Courage Poem Analysis

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✔The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane starts off by talking about the soldiers and how they are well prepared and are going into battle with full force. In line 3 he says “ The men at the head butted mules with their musket stocks. They prodded teamsters indifferent to all howls. The men forced their way through parts of the dene mass by strength.” Showing how well prepared they were mentally and physically going into battle. The soldier himself didn’t feel the same way other soldiers had. Showing how scared the main character was, when the rest of the characters were brave and ready to fight.In the poem they start to talk about how the soldiers camouflaged themselves and how long they waited for the enemy to appear. In line 1 Yusef Komunyakaa says that “ We tied branches to our helmets. We painted our faces & rifles with mud from a riverbank.” He then had said in the poem how they were mentally very patient in the war waiting for their enemy to come. Showing a difference between the characters that in the poem the main characters were brave and ready to fight, while the character in the novel excerpt had a different personality and was very scared and had no courage to go to war. ✔The theme of both of the novel except and the poem are the same. In the “ The Red Badge of Courage” shows how a character named Henry badger that runs away from the war with fear, realizing that he has to go back or otherwise he would carry a guilt that he wasn't courageous and masculine

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