The Unknown Soldier Poem Analysis

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1. What is being implied by the title and subtitle? The title itself alludes to “The Unknown Soldier,” almost parodying it. According to Georgia Virtual School, an unknown soldier died in battle, however, the body is unrecognizable. It is also known that soldiers are tagged. The fact that the title is the way it is and the subtitle mimics a tag implies that the lives of common folk is so insignificant and uneventful that they might just as well be unknown since they are just another face in the vast crowd of people. This relays a metaphor in the eyes of the reader. 2. Why does the poem use the word "Fudge Motors Inc." and not "Fudge Motors Incorporated? The poem uses "Fudge Motors Inc." in place of "Fudge Motors Incorporated” due to the rhyme of Inc and drink. Incorporated does not rhyme with drink, only Inc does. This was purely for the rhyme scheme of the poem. 3. What is meant by "his Union"? And what is a "scab"? In a Trade Union, members obey the authority, which means they follow them into strike. When a certain member goes to work regardless of his Union’s strike, he is then considered a scab. Scabs are generally disliked because they diminish the effects of the strikes. If a plethora of scabs are present, then work will just continue and the firm can confront the strikers involved. 4. If “Frigidaire is the name of a refrigerator, why does it not begin with a capital letter? What is the overall TONE of this poem and how do you come to that conclusion? (what is

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