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Red bull is the world's oldest and most successful energy drink brands. In 1966, Red Bull was born in Thailand as a kind of vitamin energy drink, and then Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz was inspired by this pre-existing energy drink and took this idea, modified the ingredients to suit the tastes of westerners. Now it has more than 40 years of history so far with excellent quality and good reputation, Red Bull drinks are sold in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, rank the leading position in the global functional drinks industry ( As a part of the beverage market around the world, energy drink is becoming more and more popular and can be defined as a type of beverage which contain mainly…show more content…
Red bull sponsored many extreme sport events, party for young customers such as F1, mountain biking, flight exhibitions and DJ contests. By these activities could associate with the public image “cool”. With more and more sponsored activities range from extreme sport to music or art shows, free press was produced by bloggers, writers and journalists. In a addition, this makes red bull different from other brands to attract young people and affect them. Red bull website – a kind of online community which attract young people to share the videos, information, pictures and make friends in this community, just like a face book & YouTube. Processes and Activities 1. Red Bull’s campaign targeted young people aged 16-29. Its marketing message is aimed at energizing those people who study or work very late and young males who like sports. 2. Red bull develop the sport energy drink, which is focus on attracting young people with its function and fashion style, compare with other energy brands, red bull’s marketing positioning is more flexible because of its composition and tasty. 3. Using the advertising via internet and media to reach target audience, encourage them make a purchase and eventually obtaining loyal customers. 4. Distribute and sell the product by developing retails, supermarket, sale agencies and vending machine. Participants Marketing managers – plan the strategy of the product sale and setting the

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