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Currently Red Bull is targeting 16-29 year old young urban males, which is a limited market. Expanding the targeted market to other segments of the population would be a prolific move for Red Bull, expanding its horizon. The slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” is directed towards young people with active lifestyles interested in extreme sports and challenging recreational endeavors. It’s being marketed to combat mental and physical fatigue and to improve performance when it comes to sport, work, study and socializing. The market strategy of Red Bull gives the impression that it’s only targeting males and people who are interested in extreme sports. It could be interesting for Red-Bull to target different and untouched segments.
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Moreover, much of the consumer behaviour attributed to the consumption of Red Bull is learned- i.e previous experiences. People who previously used Red Bull at times where they experienced extreme fatigue and distress know exactly what to do the next time they feel worn-out and exhausted. They have developed a kind of brand loyalty and will exhibit the same type of purchasing behaviour over and over again.
Sociocultural influences:
Opinion leaders are perfect targets for Red Bull. They play an eminent role when it comes to the consumer behaviour. They shape the business by setting an example for the rest of the consumers and by spreading ideas that will eventually push the end user to adopt and buy the product i.e.- Red Bull. In the Red Bull case, the opinion leaders are mostly from the world of sports and more precisely the world of racing and extreme sports activities. The whole Red Bull network includes more than 500 athletes, numerous artists and opinion leaders that influence the consumers day after day and play a key role is expanding the Red Bull market share.
Word of mouth and buzz marketing also play a role especially in the reference group circle a potential buyer might be in. Buzz marketing aims at targeting and occupying all channels of communications in order to create significant “noise” and therefore interest in the market place for consumers to talk about the product and try it. Effectively, buzz marketing is always

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