Sports Marketing Synthesis

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The ultimate goal of marketing is to become a household name, meaning that a product should be well known to everyone. Sports marketing has the same goal, except the product is associated with sports such as sports clothing, teams, or sports drinks. In an article titled “Career and Professional Development: Sports Marketing,” contributors describe the general classification of a sports marketer. The article explains that a sports marketer generally stays at the same level throughout his/her career due to its high satisfaction. Alexandru Mihai writes in his article “The Strategic Sport Marketing Planning Process” that there are certain steps a sports marketer needs to take in order to have success. A few of these steps include…show more content…
This article continues to explain that once a sports marketer creates a product and advertises it on a small scale, “Sports marketers get ahead by gradually representing bigger, more important and more prestigious sports teams, companies, associations, and athletes.” In other words, sports marketers need to have a plan of action to promote their product on a larger scale over time. Also, sports marketers spend much of their planning on the aspect of promotion. Mihai verifies that the category of promotion serves to prove that the product is desirable through advertising, sales, sponsorship and public relations. If a sports marketer follows these planning steps, his/her work will lead to a successful product with a large margin of profit.
New employees in the career of sports marketing lead by example from some of the most successful products such as the Red Bull energy drink and Skullcandy products. The most efficient way to be successful is to promote products with several sponsors. For example, everyone knows what Red Bull is, a sports drink known for its burst of energy right when we need it. The company has had great success taking a new approach on sponsorship. Conway argues in his article “A Sports Marketing Success Story” that “Red Bull wants to own teams and events. The company has a huge focus on brand management and ownership allows it to completely control how its brand
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