Red Chief

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“Comedy has ceased to be a challenge to the mental processes. It has become a therapy of relaxation, a kind of tranquilizing drug.” James Thurber. In Ramson of Red Chief, O Henry tells a story about a young boy who is kidnapped by these two guys named Sam and Bill. The author uses irony and comedic language to exaggerate the story for a humorous effect. Although the Ramson of Red chief is for a comedic effect it teaches the readers to expect the unexpected.
The author uses irony to make the story amusing. In Ramson the Red Chief, Sam states, “. . . the fun of camping out in a cave had made him forget that he has been captive himself” (68). The kid isn’t bothered by the fact he has been kidnapped from his family in fact he loves it in the cave. The author also uses irony when the father says,
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This story uses hyperboles to add comedic language in it. As Bill was told he would have to be alone with the kid, “. . . his eyes were like a rabbits when you catch it in a trap” (72). Bill was terrified to be alone with the kid because the kid was too much for him. The kid loved to play games and he was very hyper. Bill just could not keep up. Bill did not expect to take of the kid by himself; he was expecting help from Sam. Using hyperboles helps exaggerate a point or situation. As soon as the kid heard Bill and Sam were taking him back to his family “. . . he started up a howl like a calliope” (74). The kid was so upset he threw a tantrum so loud it was like hearing a calliope. In Ransom of Red Chief, O Henry uses hyperboles to convey humor.
In conclusion, the Ramson the Red chief expresses a dark truth that not everything people expected will happen. It could just be the complete opposite. The author creates this story with irony and comedic language to make the plot amusing to the readers. O Henry is not just another author who writes funny stories but an author who can convey a truth about
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