Redbox Marketing Plan

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Redbox – Marketing Plan U.S.A
Redbox – Marketing Plan U.S.A

1 Contents 1 Contents 1 2 Executive Summary 3 3 Introduction 3 4 Problem Statement 4 5 External Analysis 4 5.1 Marketing Segmentation 4 5.1.1 Geographic Segmentation 4 5.1.2 Demographic Segmentation 4 5.1.3 Pshychographic Segmentation 4 5.2 DESTEP analysis 5 5.2.1 Demography 5 5.2.2 Geographic 5 5.2.3 Economy 5 5.2.4 Political 5 5.2.5 Social 6 5.2.6 Technological 6 5.3 Competitors Analysis 6 6 Internal Analysis 7 6.1 Current Target Market 7 6.2 Current Positioning 7 6.3 Competitive Advantage 8 6.4 Current Marketing Mix 8 7 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat Analysis 9 7.1 Strengths 9 7.2 Weaknesses 9 7.3 Opportunities 10 7.4 Threats
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It has set up its kiosks primarily in fast food restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores as these locations are frequently visited by people, and the kiosk could create a direct impulse to the people who are passing by.

5.1.2 Demographic Segmentation

Redbox has not segmented its market by any demographic variable. With its kiosk located at routine place, it wishes to target the whole market, otherwise known as mass marketing.

5.1.3 Pshychographic Segmentation

Redbox also has segmented the market by behavioral Segmentation; it has placed its kiosk at location as they are frequently visited by the common mass. It has not placed its kiosks at museums or exhibition, as not many people go there on a regular basis. 5.2 DESTEP analysis
5.2.1 Demography Millenials

For Redbox, the demography that belongs to their interest is the Millenials or otherwise known as Generation Y. This breed are born between 1977 and 2000, this category includes several age cohorts, tweens (aged 8-12), teens (13-18); and young adults (the twenty something). The junior Millenials are just at the initial stage to use their buying power. The senior Millennials have finished tertiary education (college, universities) and now making their entry in the workforce. One thing that all Millennials have in common is their creative dealing with computer,digital, and Internet technology.

5.2.2 Geographic

Locations which guarantee that the most potential customers as possible
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