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Redemption in Wit Margaret Edson explores an unpopular theme (redemption) using the changes in the character of the protagonist, Dr. Bearing. After her ovarian cancer diagnoses, she realizes that she lives an incomplete life with excess devotion to her career and academics and less regard for humanity. She faces heart breaking loneliness that makes her regret the fact that she listened to and followed her English professor’s advice that scholars are unsentimental. Margaret Edson’s “W; t”, therefore, has a thematic bias on the redemption of Dr. Bearing as she tries to emerge from her arrogant self and shed her unsociable character. Dr. Bearing interacts with two contrasting characters in the play that leads her to a state of self …show more content…

She wants to be recognized as a doctor by virtually everybody, and she does not care about the essence of every visitation. The play uses a number of characters who have different emotional and intelligence orientations to make the protagonist, Vivian, realise that she has a negative character and gives her an emotional role model in Susie.
As the play begins, Vivian talks to viewers in a hospital setting informing them about who she is. Flashbacks show Vivian in a classroom setting interacting with her students, and we get a chance to see the kind of life she lived. In this setting, it is evident that Vivian is barely emotional. She is utterly arrogant and rude, criticizing her students in class and denying them reasonable favours. An example of this is when she denies a student an extension for the deadline of an assignment after the death of a grandparent. Despite the discussed pre-cancer life that Vivian lives, she later relates with numerous people in the hospital who make her appreciate the negativity in overemphasis of intelligence over emotional and social growth. Before her death, she accepts the fact that she has been living a negative life and makes efforts to redeem herself from this sort of life. She was rude and arrogant to her students and initially at the hospital, she enjoys giving her doctorate title, and she does not relate well with doctors and

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