Reduced Time from Prison

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Reduced Time from Prison Prisons are correctional facilities where offenders are incarcerated as punishment and deterrent from engaging in other criminal activities. It serves justice for victims of criminal offenses and provides a chance for the offender to reflect, and with prison time; they will become better citizens of society. This however, may not always be the case. If an inmate exhibits understanding of good behavior and structure, a prisoner may not serve his or her full sentence in prison. They may be released on Home Detention Curfew (tagging) or granted parole. Some offenders get up to half of their sentence time removed. In both situations, the inmate is expected to benefit from integration in the community and leading a positive lifestyle. According to the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (1), there are laid down laws who is legible and who is illegible to early release from prison. The Department of corrections can allow early release of an offender if they exhibit commendable behavior and take part in other recommended programs for disciplinary treatment, while in prison. There are individuals who agree and disagree for the idea of early release from prison. Individuals of both sides have specific reasons for their position on the effects of early prison release. Giving inmates a chance to portray positive and beneficial behavior, allows them to gain responsibility and incentive, in order to strive for success. In contrary, according to Christine
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