Reducing Impact on Acid Rain

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Environmental Science Acid rain can cause reproductive defects on fish and other aquatic life. It can destroy aquatic ecosystems, leaving only a clear, but empty body of water. Acid rain was a problem in 1980, and steps were taken in order to fix it, and since then, air quality improved and will continue to improve as more and more steps are taken to control pollution. Modern technologies such as a cars, power plants, and factories consume fossil fuels in order to run. By consuming fossil fuels, cars, power plants, and factories release harmful gases into the air. These harmful gases then react with water droplets in the clouds to produce nitric and sulfuric acids, which turns normal precipitation into acid precipitation. Factories have many purposes. Some factories work with food, and others manufacture various goods such as cars, electronics, and appliances. Cars provide an easier and efficient mode of transport. There are millions of cars in the United States alone. Most of them producing harmful pollutants. Zero-Emission Vehicles such as the Tesla Model S do not produce harmufl pollutants. Power Plants produce electricity for everyday life. We use this electricity for many things. Appliances, Electronics, all produced in Factories. Power Plants burn fossil fuels to create electricity. In (FC.1) it shows that Factories, Cars, and Power Plants are related. Power Plants, Cars, and Factories produce gases that cause acid rain. They are Primary

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